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How do cats and dogs see the world - compared to humans
LRT 06 September 2023
We've always been taught that cats and dogs only see the world in black and white, but that's not entirely true How do cats and dogs...
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The best homemade food for aquarium fish
LRT 19 June 2023
Homemade alternatives to aquarium fish food Before you start searching for food for your ornamental fish from what is in your refrigerator o...
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Causes of respiratory diseases in cats and their treatment
LRT 15 June 2023
Respiratory diseases in cats are very common diseases, during which cats need plenty of fluids, rest, and nutritious foods, in addition to s...
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Why do dogs bark when they see some people?
LRT 14 June 2023
Dogs bark when they see people Often dogs issue some behaviors when they see strangers, which may expose their owners to embarrassment, for ...
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What toys do cats like - make it yourself
LRT 08 June 2023
Play is a critical activity for the social development, physical and cognitive development of many animal species, and although cats are lar...
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Are dogs smarter than cats based on the size of their brains?
LRT 06 June 2023
Cats give us looks that suggest to us that they are not only smart, but also smart with some condescension, and at the same time dogs are hu...
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How do you get rid of birds that have built their nests?
LRT 17 May 2023
Are the birds that built their nest on your window bother you? Here are some tips to keep them away without harming them. Birds that have bu...
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