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Skin diseases in cats and their treatment - causes
issamnad 09 January 2024
Unmasking the Hidden Troubles: A Comprehensive Guide to Cat Skin Diseases Cats are wonderful companions, but just like humans, they can al...
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Reduce the potential risk of developing schizophrenia - advice for cat owners
LRT 09 December 2023
Cats are susceptible to schizophrenia Cats have long been popular pets, treasured for their adorable antics and independent nature. However,...
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What are the signs of respiratory virus in dogs?
LRT 17 November 2023
The signs of respiratory virus in dogs Dogs are susceptible to respiratory viruses, which can lead to severe illness and even death if not d...
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The various food products that can be harmful to dogs
LRT 10 November 2023
Food products that are harmful to dogs Being a dog owner, you want the best for your beloved companion. Your dog's food is one of the mo...
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How do cats and dogs see the world - compared to humans
LRT 06 September 2023
We've always been taught that cats and dogs only see the world in black and white, but that's not entirely true How do cats and dogs...
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The best homemade food for aquarium fish
LRT 19 June 2023
Homemade alternatives to aquarium fish food Before you start searching for food for your ornamental fish from what is in your refrigerator o...
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Causes of respiratory diseases in cats and their treatment
LRT 15 June 2023
Respiratory diseases in cats are very common diseases, during which cats need plenty of fluids, rest, and nutritious foods, in addition to s...
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